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Staten Island’s Choice for Bad Credit Auto Loans

If you’re like millions of people in this country, you’ve had some kind of credit setback. Sometimes these issues take a few months to replace and sometimes they can take years. At Auto Loan Staten Island, we don’t believe that damaged or limited credit should prevent you from having access to quality pre-owned vehicle and we are pleased to offer bad credit auto loan options to our friends and neighbors in Staten Island looking to get back on their feet. Call our experienced and qualified sales staff today at (718) 304-88-00 or visit now to view large selection of over 60 quality low-mileage cars and trucks.

Most Staten Island residents learn very quickly that if they can’t drive, they can’t work. If they can’t work, they can start paying down their debt and start effectively managing their finances. A bad credit auto loan is the perfect way to affordably drive a reliable and high-quality car or truck to get back in forth to work and manage all other lifestyle obligations that require driving. A car loan can also be one of the most valuable assets in repairing your credit, providing you make your payments on time and there are no other issues. Let a bad credit auto loan work for you.

Most customers try to avoid a bad credit auto loan because they justifiably think that the sky-high interest rates will lead to a costly and extended monthly payment. While this may be the case with other used car dealers in Staten Island, Auto Loan Staten is committed to bucking this trend. We pride ourselves on offering low monthly payments on late-model, low-mileage cars and trucks. We’re looking to help you with your bad credit, not punish you for it. Get honest, affordable and hassle-free financing with our easy onsite 30-minute approval process. All you need is a job and a bank account. Auto Loan Staten Island also provides license plates on the spot and NY State inspection and registration services so you can skip the DMV.

Another reason why customers avoid bad credit auto loans is because they think that their finances may prevent them from driving the cars or trucks they truly want. Auto Loan Staten Island doesn’t believe in freezing you out of the driving experience just because you’ve had financial setbacks in the past. We are pleased to offer a full inventory of the makes and models you know and love, including Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and more. For the best bad credit auto loan options in Staten Island, call Auto Loan Staten Island today at (718) 304-88-00 or visit now.

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